Fall by Urban Petals

Today’s inspiration is brought to you by Fall. I find this time of year breathtaking and inspiring. The startling array of colors, aromas of campfires, cozy boots and sweaters, crunchy leaves, pumpkin flavored everything, the happy memories created at Thanksgiving….these are just a few of the many reasons I look forward to Fall every year. One of the many things I am thankful for this year is my friends, the Chapel Designers. We have put together a special post of “fall inspired” flowers. So grab a cup of hot apple cider (or hot cocoa with plenty of marshmallows, of course), snuggle up in a cozy blanket and enjoy!

This happened exactly one year ago this weekend…. and it STILL makes me smile every time I see these images…

Urban Petals-171

Urban Petals-113

Urban Petals-169

Urban Petals-166


Urban Petals-190

Urban Petals-201

To see more images from this Rustic Farm Wedding photoshoot, click here.
(Special thanks to Jodi Byrnes Photography and the models, Brad & Katie!)

And now for more Fall Inspiration from the Chapel Designers

Liz Rusnac Floralhttp://lizrusnacfloral.com/2013/11/fall-inspired-creations/
Celebration Floralshttp://blog.celebrationflorals.com/2013/11/falling-for-fall.html
Sebesta Designhttp://sebestadesign.wordpress.com/2013/11/24/fall-inspired/
Soiree Floralhttp://blog.soireefloral.com/…/fall-inspired-creations…
Alicia Jayne Floralshttp://aliciajayneflorals.com/blog/?p=881
Holly Heider Chapel Flowershttp://thefullbouquetblog.com/2011/11/21/a-washingtonian-thanksgiving/
Colonial House of Flowershttp://www.colonialhouse.net/…/24/fall-by-colonial-house
Isha Foss: http://www.ishafoss.com/…/thanksgiving-fall-florals.html

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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