In Memory Of Brenda Vaughn

Created in memory of Brenda Vaughn, a dear family friend, who “passed peacefully from the arms of her beloved husband into the arms of her beloved Lord!”

I wish each of you could have known Mrs. Vaughn. This post is different because I want to honor the life of a hero, a true lady whom I have respected my whole life. This one is not about flowers but instead it’s about giving honor to whom honor is due. It’s about sharing Mrs. Vaughn’s love of Jesus with whomever reads this. I had no idea how deeply her passing would affect me. I’ve been trying to think of just the right words to describe her but the few paragraphs below were written so beautifully that I thought I would share this instead.

“Brenda L. Vaughn, wife of Dr. John C. Vaughn, went to be with the Lord, September 2nd, 2013. She passed peacefully from the arms of her beloved husband into the arms of her beloved Lord! In so doing, she finished a life lived to the glory of God and a job well done. Her death concluded a remarkable life of glorifying God and ministering to others through great personal trials and suffering. She served as a pastor’s wife and mother of five in addition to counseling, writing, and sharing her testimony the world over.

Brenda was born on September 27th, 1948, in Harlan, Kentucky, to William H. Lyttle Jr. and Wilma Mills Lyttle, and received Jesus Christ as her Savior at the age of seven. In 1978, she discovered her life’s message when she and two-year-old daughter Becky miraculously survived life-threatening burns in a house fire. Brenda’s commitment to trust and glorify God through the trials that followed has directed untold numbers of people to draw on the all-sufficient grace of God just as she did.

Following the fire, God gave her thirty-five years filled with opportunities to serve, every one of which she counted a personal privilege. In addition to thirty years of ministry with her husband at Faith Baptist Church, she traveled to camps and churches in almost every state and to over thirty foreign countries. She and Dr. Vaughn co-authored More Precious than Gold: the Fiery Trial of a Family’s Faith, in which they shared the testimony of the fire. Becky’s injuries and resulting disabilities led the Vaughns to found the Hidden Treasure Christian School for children with special needs.

The final chapters of Brenda’s life displayed her constant faith in her battle with Hepatitis C which she contracted from a blood transfusion in the aftermath of the fire. Despite declining health, and being less and less able to travel and speak, she rejoiced to glorify God and serve her family with her remaining strength. Though her life was truly remarkable, she thought of herself as unworthy to be so used of God and cherished, most of all, her roles as wife, mother, and “Grandma.”


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