Craspedia Globosa

“Craspedia Globosa”, more commonly referred to as Billy Buttons or Billy Balls, are striking globe flowers. They grow to approximately 1.5 inches and are composed of tiny yellow florets. Craspedia are perennial herbs native to Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania.

Billy balls growing in garden

Image via Online Plant Guide
This picture reminds me of my Grandma’s garden. She loved her flowers!

The different species can be found growing in a variety of habitats (from sea level to mountainous ranges) and climates, including grasslands, forests, and semi-desert areas.

Other humorous nicknames for Craspedia include “Woolyheads” and “Drumsticks”.  It’s a spunky & happy flower and one of my favorites for sure! Here’s a little Craspedia inspiration for you.

Yellow-White-Orchid-Billy-Ball-Centerpiece Elizabeth Ann Designs

Image via Elizabeth Ann Designs
I love how simply this table is set yet, it is striking in its simplicity!

Craspedia-3 bouquet Flourish Event Design

Image via Flourish Event Design
You know I just had to throw a bouquet or two into the mix!

billy+balls+7 napkin ring Glamourous Housewife

Image via Elizabeth Ann Designs
How simple is this? Anyone could create this at home. I love it!!!

craspedia arrangement Flores del sol arrangement

Image via Flores Del Sol

And last but not least…

Urban Petals-130 Urban Petals, Boutonniere, Boutonnniere with Craspedia & Scabiosa & Brunia, Fall Boutonniere, Florist in Greenville South Carolina

Images via Urban Petals



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