Flower Giveaway

If you subscribed to my email updates recently in order to be entered into the drawing for a gorgeous arrangement from Urban Petals, please shoot me an email by midnight on Sunday, July 15th, to let me know you did so!! Please include the following information in your email: First & Last Name, email address, phone number (so I can coordinate delivering the winning arrangement to you if you are the lucky winner), your favorite flower, and last but not least your birthday. My email address is annastouffer@gmail.com.

It’s been a busy but wonderful weekend. My house has looked like a flower shop all weekend and I LOVE IT!!!! I can’t wait to post pictures of today’s lovely bride and her fabulous flowers for you to see. However, and feel free to call me old fashioned, my rule of thumb is to wait until the wedding is over before posting pictures so the bride & groom and their families have the privilege of sharing their wedding memories with everyone first! Congratulations Jenn & Joey!! Thank you for trusting me with your wedding flowers!!

Don’t forget to shoot me an email by midnight on Sunday!


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