Succulents. Part 2

After Mother’s Day was over, I began creating succulent gardens. I am officially addicted to succulents. It could be worse though. This garden sits on the corner of my desk at work and it’s such “a happy little place”.  Another paralegal and I are always checking on the progress & growth of this container…we have fun “oooh”ing and “awwww”ing over it! No two gardens are exactly alike; however, I do have a similar garden available for immediate purchase for $50.

Also available are these adorable blue ceramic boots filled with “Voodoo” succulent and “Hens & Chicks”. This set is available for $75. I think these would make great book-ends.

I found this earthy container along with a dark brown one at a local gardening store called Roots. I planted multiple varieties of sedum and succulents in these containers – trust me! You’re gonna love ‘em. This set is available for $75 or $40 if sold separately.

If you would like a custom succulent garden, I would love to work with you to create a unique masterpiece for your home or office. Trust me, you’ll be a succulent addict too after just a few days.

Contact me if you’re interested at


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