Succulents. Part 1.

Succulents and I are becoming quite good friends. “Why”? you might ask?? Because me and my big black thumbs simply ignore them and not only do they thank me by living, they THRIVE!!! Figure that one out.

A succulent is similar to a cactus in that it hoards water. These plants have the ability to grow just about anywhere. They thrive in dry & hot climates, root easily, and only need water about once a month. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and textures. Pretty cool little plants.

I discovered the neatest idea several months ago and decided INSTANTLY what my mom was getting for Mother’s Day: a succulent wreath, made from scratch, by yours truly. I started buying a few succulents here and there, and continued buying them until my dining room table was completely transformed into a succulent nursery. I separated the “Hens & Chicks” and divided up the sedum and other cluster plants so everything could grow and keep multiplying. I eventually moved the succulent nursery outside to my patio and reclaimed my dining room. As you can imagine, my husband was happy about that!

One scorching afternoon, I created the succulent wreath with a few supplies (lots of dirt, spaghum moss, two wire frames, and fishing line) and lots of succulents & sedum. I was so pleased with the results!

I wrapped the wreath in a lovely black, trash bag…uh, yeah… I kinda ran out of options at that point!! My mom loved her gift anyway and that’s all that matters. My sisters even thought it was pretty cool! I stopped by my mom’s house a few weeks ago for a visit and checked out the wreath. I’m so happy to report that it is thriving under her care and has really filled out. Here are a few before and after pictures of the wreath (sorry two of the pictures are sideways…I’ll figure it out how to flip them sooner or later – in the meantime, just turn your head sideways ;)):

If would like to purchase a succulent wreath for your home, patio or garden, I am selling these beauties for $150. I put a lot of love and care into each carefully crafted wreath and I know you will love it! If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me at


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