Tulips & Easter Eggs in January

This weekend was unseasonably warm (like the rest of our Winter so far) so I designed what I called my “Tribute to Spring”. I think it looks like Easter Eggs hiding in the grass…call it whatever you want.  It’s fun, wierd, quirky, bright and cheery and made me smile. I hope it makes you smile too!

I found some perky green ball dianthus on Saturday that made me giggle. Why? I don’t know. Odd flowers do that to me. It’s wierd stuff!!  I lined the vase with the dianthus to create a fuzzy carpet and then added the tulips.  See what I mean…it looks like Easter Eggs hiding in the grass. I am definitely adding green ball dianthus to my favorites list. I like to describe it as fuzzy moss on a stick or grass on a stick. It’s great stuff. 

I have so much to learn about this “flower thing” but at the same time, how can you mess up flowers?? They are beautiful in and of themselves. God must have had a lot of fun creating each different kind of flower!! I am thankful He was so creative and lets us enjoy this delicate part of nature.


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